Traditional imaging techniques are incapable of capturing accurately or displaying the wide range of lighting in the real world. Some areas may be under-exposed and others over-exposed. High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging technologies are an exception. HDR can capture and deliver a wider range of real-world lighting to provide a significantly enhanced viewing experience.

enhanced viewing experience

HDR images provide some depth perception simply because of the enhanced lighting that is captured.
deep perception

Stereoscopy or 3D, on the other hand, is an imaging technique which enables or improves the illusion of depth by presenting two offset images to each of the viewer's eyes. It has been shown to provide a strong cue for distance judgements.
3D-HDR, also known as Stereoscopic High Dynamic Range (SHDR), has the potential of bringing these diverse technologies together, exploiting the advantages of both. This novel imaging method with an unprecedented level of realism has the potential to deliver both improved depth perception and a realistic representation of the scene lighting.