The goHDR Media Player (PC and Mac versions) is now available with our unique goHDR Encoder which enables you to compress your own HDR content ready for viewing and sharing.

goHDR Media Player: The concept

Encoded HDR video is decompressed in real-time back into HDR content for display on an HDR or LDR device. The HDR content can be displayed directly on an HDR display, but on an LDR device it may either be tone-mapped or the viewer can look at the available exposures. Figure 1 shows the elegant layout of the Media Player

goHDR player

Figure 1: Functionality of the goHDR Media Player

To support the growing demand to create and view HDR video, as of now you can download a free Beta version of goHDR’s Media player and Encoder. As these are Beta versions of our products, we would very much appreciate any comments to improve what we have to offer you. Please address any comments to support at

We will be regularly updating the products in the coming weeks through continued development and in response to your comments. We will inform you when a new version is available for you to download.

goHDR Media Player Requirements
All software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Note: To run the Media Player you need a minimum of:
Core 2 Duo
2 GB of RAM
Nvidia 8800 GTX or higher
Requires a graphics card with a programmable shader model
Has been tested successfully on OS X 10.5 and higher



goHDR Media Player  Basic  Premier 
Multiple exposure  yes  yes
Tone mapper  yes  yes 
Multiple tone mappers no soon
Play list  yes  yes 
Window-in-window  no yes 
False Colouring  no yes 
Download  Windows Mac Windows Mac
Pricing  soon Free Free soon

goHDR Media Encoder

goHDR Media Encoder Requirements

The encoder currently requires DivX Pro to operate correctly.

Only openEXR frames can currently be compressed.

Frames should be in the right sequence and each frame should be no more than 1920 x 1080 pixels.


goHDR Media Encoder  Basic  Premier 
Multiple HDR formats soon  soon
Embedded logo yes  no 
Download  Windows Mac Windows Mac
Pricing  soon soon Free soon