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  • "16 f-stops is NOT enough" - LDR video

    Tuesday 24th of January 2012

    The LDR version of our recent film: "16 f-stops is NOT enough" can now be viewed here

    We used our Spheron HDRv to capture scenes with a large range of lighting to clearly show the difference in capturing the scene with 20 f-stops compared with only 16. When tone mapped - to be shown on an LDR display - if the information is missing (as when captured with only 16 f-stops) it cannot be recreated. As the film shows - what information is lost depends of course on whether the upper or lower 16 f-stops are captured. We will be filming a number of other scenarios in the coming weeks to build a growing body of evidence that HDR video can capture more dynamic range than traditional celluloid (approximately 16 f-stops) ... and as 16 f-stops is NOT enough, HDR video will be able to offer a lot more to film makers of the future.