goHDR has access to the world's first true High Dynamic Range (HDR) video camera as well as the world's largest HDR display. The encoding / decoding software being developed by goHDR has the potential to be the enabling technology which helps bring about the widespread adoption of HDR video. This should significantly impact across many sectors, including film and television, computer games, security and mobile devices.

Capturing real world lighting though comes at a price – a minute of footage requires 42 Gigabytes, compared to only 9 gigabytes of standard video. goHDR has developed novel software which will allow HDR video content to be viewed on the internet using existing broadband infrastructure. To help in the development of this software, goHDR has access to a unique HDR video camera system, and a patent for compressing a stream of HDR video by 100-fold or more. The software for watching HDR video on the internet, will be distributed free. The profit will come from the more sophisticated encoding and viewing products which we will licence to camera manufacturers, broadcasters, HDR application providers including those for mobile phones and data network managers.

goHDR has access, through IP licences and facilities agreements, to innovative HDR developments at the Digital Laboratory of the University of Warwick . This includes access to the first and, to date, only true HDR video camera system in the world, and an exclusive licence to a patent describing a method of compressing a stream of HDR video by 100-fold or more.

We believe goHDR's software will be the key that enables the step change in digital viewing experience. For the first time, viewers will be able to experience the wide range of lighting present in the real world digitally, on their PC, mobile phone or television.

The Key Piece of the Jigsaw

HDR pipeline - The Key Piece of the Jigsaw